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Shaping the future : unveiling OG CS:GO Academy


After several months of a long process, we are pleased to unveil the first version of our CS:GO Academy.

Christian “crisbyyy” Schmitt, together with Casper “ruggah” Due and Alexander “kakafu” Szymanczyk, were responsible for selecting five young players with particularly promising potential. The average age of the team is no more than twenty years.

Inspired by the success of our Dota 2 players, we’re excited to once again throw young prospects into the deep end and help them make it to the top.

Without further ado, here is the face of the OG CS:GO Academy.

Arbnor “dementor” Pacolli
Alex “s0und” Stefan
Max “Marix” Kugener
Blagoi “oxygen” Dimitrov
Kaloyan “shaiK” Borisov
Christian “crisbyyy” Schmitt (coach)


The OG CS:GO Academy will be participating in the 4th season of the WePlay Academy League along with thirteen other Academy teams. Our young talents will make their debut today at 18:20 CEST. They will need your support!

“Finally able to present to you the prodigies that we have picked up. It was a long journey with open applications from February until now. We had above 400 applications that were trimmed down to 40 people. After that we had tryouts going on for about three weeks to find our final five.

I think we have good mix between really young “unexperienced” and already more established players to do well in WePlay and other tournaments we might participate in. The goal is always to win but it is work and progress. I will give my best to bring the players to the next level and get them ready for the big boys in Tier 1.

Make sure you follow these guys and be part of their journey, great things ahead.“

Christian “crisbyyy” Schmitt