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Attention OGs !????

We’ve introduced our partnership with Socios.com a few months ago, and ran polls on their app since then to allow you to be involved at OG like never before. It’s been a fantastic collaboration ever since, Socios.com and us are constantly working to involve our community in the most interactive way possible. By buying an $OG Fan Token (a digital asset that allows you to vote in OG polls and earn rewards linked to OG on Socios.com), you can vote in polls and help us make decisions, such as choosing an in-game banner for our DOTA 2 Roster to use this whole season.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched our $OG Fan Token on the Socios.com market place

Now, what does that mean ? With the launch of our Fan Token a few months ago, we introduced it to you guys via an $OG Fan Token Offering, allowing you to purchase a Token and start voting.
Because this $OG Fan Token Offering is now over, our OG Tokens are now exclusively sold on the Socios.com marketplace with its price being determined by demand. This change allows the $OG Fan Token owners to trade them together, and new users to acquire Tokens directly from other member.

Please note that if you already own $OG Fan Tokens and do not wish to trade them on the marketplace, it’s not an obligation. You can keep using the app and answer polls like you did until now. If you’re a new Socios.com user and want to acquire an OG Token, the process remains the same than before.

We’ll keep launching lots of new polls via Socios.com, allowing you to help us make decisions and be a part of this crazy journey with us.
Get your $OG Fan Token and start voting here : http://bit.ly/OGxSocios

Start getting involved to be more than a fan !