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Topson takes a break from Competitive Dota to spend time his family.

When we first scouted Topias in 2018 prior to TI8, we knew the kid was gonna be big.
Did we know he would win 2 Internationals and become a legend though? Probably not. 

Topson forever engraved this name in the archive of legendary Dota players, and as he likes to say it himself, Topson is the kind to let his play do the talking. Which usually means someone is gonna get owned. After what was already qualified as a miracle run, Topson showed up again the next year, even stronger. No midlaner in TI9 was a match for his insane individual skills and most importantly his unrivalled creativity.

This impressive palmares has never impacted his chill and humble personality one bit. On top of being one of the best players in history, he remained his laid back, simple and honest self. One of the best teammates you can possibly dream of.

After TI9, Topson found love, got married and welcomed their first baby girl.
For Topson, now Dadson, the sacrifices that he had to make every day became more real, being away from his family became harder. Because of the Dota calendar, they spent over 6 months away from each other while Topson was bootcamping and competing with the team. His family and him worked together to create the space needed to perform at the highest level at the expense of having to spend months apart. This is a big sacrifice they all made. A sacrifice we have always been very aware of and thankful for. 

After TI10, Topson sat down with the team and explained that his motivation for competing had dwindled. He needed a season off to spend time with his wife and kid, and enjoy playing Dota for fun while streaming from home again. That his love for the game was the fuel behind how he played and was able to bring the best out of himself. And that right now, he needed time away with his loved ones to find piece and light the fire again.

“I wanna thank all the fans, everybody that’s been supportive all these years, even now when it’s been harder…It’s been really nice to have that fanbase, and I’m just gonna take a chill pill for a year or something, stream for you guys. Just have some chill vibes.” – Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen

Thank you Topias for what you have brought to the team and to this family every day.
We were all very aware of the immense sacrifice you were making every day with us.

We look forward to seeing you going back to your origins with Streaming Topson making a comeback, and everything you will be doing at OG.

“Topias, you are one of a kind my friend. The nicest and most professional player I have ever worked with. Thank you for showing up everyday with a smile and a great attitude. Rest up my friend, spend time with your lovely family, stream and enjoy playing Dota for fun, and take care of yourself! Already looking forward to our next table tennis midnight showdown!” – JMR Luna.

Topias, we are going to miss you.
Enjoy your time with your two lovely ladies and have a blast with your new streaming adventures!
We will stay strong, we will continue making you and all the OG family proud.


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