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N0tail to take a break as a player to mentor the new OG Dota roster and stream.

What can be said that has not already been said about Johan Sundstein? Founder, captain, friend, legendary player, 4 major winner, 2 time TI Champion… The sunflower boy himself. If Ceb is the brains of OG, N0tail is undoubtedly the heart.

In 2015 when he founded OG, he committed himself to the dream of creating an organization where players and employees could develop in a safe and respectful environment. Day after day he lived by those values and helped OG grow, while he captained the most successful DOTA team in history. But after more than 35 Lans, 9 majors and 5 TIs with OG, he has reached a high point of personal fatigue and needs time off from competing as a player.

“I’m personally taking at least a year off, taking a health break so to speak… For now, all I know is that I need a break. I’m very content, very happy. I’m lucky to have played with the guys I’ve played with for the past two years. I feel fulfilled. But I need a break.” – Johan “N0tail” Sundstein

“Johan is the light that guides OG forward. But being that source of light is specially draining on him. He is always there for everyone, always giving. But during the last year we could see how exhausted he was. You could feel it. He needs a break. And no one deserves it more, because no one gives more than him. To every task, to every project, and to every person around him. He needs a break and he is going to have all our love and support while we make a little space for him.” – JMR Luna.

What’s next?
Johan and Seb have always been very open about their intentions of continuing to develop the new generation of OG Dota. With this commitment in mind, Johan will be staying with the new roster of OG Dota to mentor them, work with them at the Lisbon Sunflower house, and transfer all the wisdom and knowledge they have gathered during this long journey.

“I think it is essential that veteran players work with new players and help them develop. After all, during all these many years we have learned so many things. About Dota, about becoming a good teammate, how it is to be a professional player. That knowledge needs to be shared. We don’t want the next version of OG to be a carbon copy of the current one. But we believe that if we can transfer what we know, and let them add to this, then the ceiling will be much higher, and we can help them get there quicker. Hopefully save them from some of our mistakes :)” –  N0tail

Last but not least, Johan will also be focusing much more on streaming and creating content during this break. Maybe Dota content, maybe content about his long time passion of gardening, maybe pick back up the podcast we once did. I guess everyone will have to wait and see what he has in stock for us. 

Until then, we want to thank Johan for being the best friend and mentor anyone can ask for, and thank all our fans for your constant love and support!

Stay tuned for more OG updates to come (VERY soon, we promise)!


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