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What a night, OGs.

Let us give you our secret recipe for a perfect night : fire looking two-time TI winners, the most elegant of opponents, friends, family, and sunflowers. We added a pinch of memes and a generous amount of emotions to make that sparkly taste stand out even more. That night we laughed, we cried, and most importantly we did it together.

The stage was set in the gorgeous Babylon Theater in Berlin last week, where we gathered with our loved ones to watch what will probably be marked as one of the most impressive finals of esports history, and all the true sights from behind the scenes.
We were honored and humbled by Valve, treating us with yet another amazing TI movie that we’re sure you all appreciated as much as we did.

Watching the highlights of a great finals sure is very entertaining in itself already, however, the art of turning it into a moving story is something the True Sight series has yet to disappoint us with. This year’s piece was filled with monkey business, buzzes, laughs, tears, great plays and an amazing focus on the incredible strategic strenghs of both teams and their veteran captains.
We couldn’t dream about having better opponents in TI finals than Team Nigma. The respect between our two teams is beyond friendship bonds and if we were to do it all again we’d all go for it in a hearbeat.

And of course, what would a True Sight look like without some classic OG Lakad Matatag ? We admit that we didn’t quite restrain ourselves on the chatwheel side of the game this year but… Come on guys. Let’s be real. You love it too (we know you do).

From Ana buzzing in his mic to Cebgod’s wheelchat scheduling with the boys before the games start, we hope you all chanted about what’s cooking (BOOM) with us in this incredible grand finals.

Reliving the past is one thing, but it quickly turns to the future. That night we also welcomed a new friend in the squad. More than a friend, we welcomed a King.
Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan was announced as our carry player after our AMA during the True Sight Premiere. The strive for excellence is what always drives us to go further and that’s precisely what a player like Sumail has to offer. (POG ?)

We’re extremely excited to have him in our ranks, and you won’t want to miss his debut with the team at the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 European Open Qualifiers starting on the 3rd of February.  We’re overly excited to spice the scene up a bit more and bring our classic OG Dota back into the spotlights.

TI9 and the True Sight Premiere night will both forever be very special to us. A player can only dream of competing in the biggest esports grand finals there, to do so against friends really is a special feeling that will live on forever. Some new faces joined us, some of us decided to step out of the light, but the OG spirit will always remain, and we’ll always give our all to be the best at what we do no matter what.

And of course, you sunflowers were all there. We have yet to find words to express how grateful we are to the Dota 2 community as a whole. None of us would be there without you. Thanks to all of you who followed us this whole time, who were there in the ups and downs, who cheered for us when we needed to hear it the most.

Don’t forget to let us know what you liked the most that night as well, we always love to hear from you guys.

Dota 2 after all is one big family where we all get to be a part of something, and share about this game we love. Each year’s True Sight enhances this aspect of the scene a bit more, and we couldn’t be prouder to get to be a part of it yet another time. We truly hope you enjoyed True Sight as much as we did, and we’re overly excited to be back. We missed you, OGs.