Greetings everyone,

As you may know, we have been experiencing issues with scam streams using our players’ names. These fake accounts broadcast stolen content, and associate it to undesirable activities on their channels. None of these broadcasts come from OG, and we are actively trying to solve the matter.

It is a process that takes time, so please let us give you a tip on how to avoid these fake accounts while they’re still active. All of our channels and players’ channels are certified, and you will find the complete list of our official Channels below in this post.

We are truly sorry for anyone who might have gotten scammed, please be careful and don’t watch these broadcasts and/or click their associated links. 

“We saw the need to address this topic directly, because unfortunately, some of these streams are pretending to be OG Players. Our fans are very important to us, and we are trying to get this solved. So please be careful, and follow the list of channels here provided of the official OG Players stream. Thank you, and stay safe! ” 

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein 

Here is a list of all the OG official channels, any account that is not in this list and which uses one of our players’ name has nothing to do with OG and is therefore not to be trusted

N0tail :
Saksa :
MidOne :
Topson :
Sumail : 

NBK : 
mantuu :
Aleksib :
valde : 

Vladyslava : https://www.​

Ceb : 

Jerax : 

OG’s official channel : 

gorgc :

Peksu :
Chessie :
Xibbe : 
Zfreek : 
Madara : 

On behalf of everyone from OG, thanks a lot for your understanding, and please remain as careful as possible when browsing through Twitch. Please stick to this list ! 

Stay safe everyone. 

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