Greetings OGs ! 🌻

Since we have super creative peeps here in the Sunflower community, we figured it was time to find a way to feature all of your amazing OG art pieces directly on our website, as well as their creator’s handles.

So here it is ! *drumroll* The Sunflower Gallery is now opened !

Click the “Submit your art” button at the bottom at the page, and we will upload it on our website.

As we just ended our CS:GO Hoodie launch drawing contest on Discord, we will post our three winners’ entries on the gallery. We need you to elect your favorite one there ! So go to our gallery and live a sunflower like to your favorite drawing. 🌻

(You can also find said hoodie here :πŸ‘€)

Here are the winners’ pieces :

Aleksib, By @canihearawahoo (Twitter)

Aleksib, by @Spacetime (Twitter)

by @Muhammad Arbi Prabowo (community Discord)

Thanks to everyone who took part, and congrats to our amazing winners !
If you want to sumbit an entry to our next contest, you can join our Discord here :

Spread the word, and share some 🌻 vibes while staying safe at home !

Cheers !

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