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“Super excited to partner up with OG, we share alot of the same ideals and strive to be the best at what we do, thats why i think its an obvious match!”

We feel the same, buddy !
Yep that’s right OGs, we will now have a Gorgeous Cow streaming for us (but moslty for you all). Both Gorgc and OG share the same mentality about Dota and being the best, so partnering with him was an easy decision for us.

It’s an amazing opportunity for both of us to have a chance to share even more OG moments with the Dota community, and we’re very excited to make this collaboration happen.
Gorgc’s streams are always a great excuse for Dota 2 fans to come together and enjoy some great content and that’s always something we want to give value to here at OG.
The Dota community is what makes this game that we all love so beautiful and alive, so we hope that we can all have a great time watching streams and amazing games together.

Don’t forget to ask questions to Gorgc and the rest of the OG fam on our live AMA tonight during the show on our Twitter tonight, you can join our OG Night thread here :

Tune in to Gorgc’s Twitch channel to watch our new sunflower’s streams. PMA games only, LUL : https://www.twitch.tv/gorgc