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OG unveils a new partnership with Tech start-up DMScript.

OG and DMScript sign a global partnership to boost new tech solutions for esports fans ! 

As esports and OG keep pushing the limits of innovation and creativity further, technology has proved to be our best ally. That’s precisely why we’ve decided to step in and start a partnership with DMScript, to promote and support the development of these new ideas, new high value solutions, and products that drastically improve both competitive and casual gamers’ quality of life.

Based on blockchain, DMScript is a tech company that provides several solutions to answer esports needs and fill in some of the gaps that revealed themselves as the industry grew. 

OG is thrilled to partner with such a promising, talented young company; DMFast and DMPlay are complete game-changers. We can’t wait to show the esports community how OG will benefit from DMScript’s groundbreaking solutions, declares Xavier OSWALD, Co-Owner and Chief Revenue Officer OG esports A/S. 

Two of their products specifically caught our eye, DMFast and DMPlay.

DMFast is a software that solves latency issues for any online game that you’re playing, by optimizing your connection and making sure your configuration is properly set up. DMFast also has a built-in VPN that can allow players to access their most convenient servers with ease.

DMPlay on the other hand, is a long-term solution to one of the most common problems that gamers face, especially competitive players. It allows you to have access to your favorite games from servers located across multiple continents. You’ll get the chance to stream your games to many different devices such as a Mac, a Desktop PC, an Android phone, or even iOS regardless of compatibility. It’s a perfect solution for traveling players who want to enjoy their favorite games without having to worry about carrying their laptops around with them all the time. 

Our Partnership with DMScript is only the beginning for OG as we are very ambitious. Next year, you will see OG dive deeper into Tech Solutions and Partnerships, adds Xavier.

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for OG and our partners.