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OG Esports supports innovation projects, through its collaboration with Socios the first-of-its-kind mobile app for sports fans and recently with DMScript, a tech company that provides several solutions to answer esports needs and fill in some of the gaps.

Today it is in the art sector that we meet with Nifty Gateway, the premier marketplace for Nifties, which are digital art items you can truly own.

Digital Items have existed for a long time, but never like this!

Nifty are a platform and marketplace that sells digital art and collectibles. They have worked with some of the largest artists, musicians, and brands in the world, and we couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration.
Together we will release Non-Fungible Tokens, which can be bought, stored and sold on our website.  NFT’s allow for there to be scarcity amongst a digital asset, so it functions more like a physical painting or a collectible would in the physical world.

They are digital items that can be truly scarce for the first time in history, making them immensely valuable. Welcome to the future.

Our CEO, JMR Luna, answers a few questions:

Why is OG involved in this kind of projects?

“In OG we always look for different ways to innovate and to provide value to our fans. We created Crypto Fan Tokens with Socios, Crypto technology with DMScript and now we wanted to explore the Crypto Art world.

And of course, we wanted to be able to share the TI win with all our fans, by creating incredible photorealistic Championship rings so all the fans can be part of our incredible victory.”

Why take an interest in the art market with OG Esports?

“Believe it or not, I have a master’s degree in fine arts! I am a huge appreciator of art, and I love what new artists are doing in the digital space. They are incredibly talented, and I really wanted to find an excuse to work with them and create a collab with OG.”

Why did you choose to collaborate with Nifty Gateway?

“I had the chance to meet Tyler Winklevoss, and he had this contagious incredible energy and passion about NFTs! He was very curious about esports and wanted to see how we could work together.

After my first few talks with him where he explained what his vision was for our collaboration, I got increasingly excited about and quite honored that OG Esports was the team they wanted to launch it with.

After he introduced me to his team behind Nifty Gateway… Griffin, Dunkan, Tommy, and Max I knew I wanted to work with them. They are an incredible group of talented people, and we are lucky and honored to be putting together a project of this scale with them.

When the history of esports is written, NFTs will have not just their own page, but their own chapter.

There is just so much natural synergy between Esports and NFT’s.  We really hope this paves the way for future collaborations with other teams, and gets people interested and thinking about novel ways that NFT’s can be integrated into Esports and gaming in general.  People into gaming and Esports also have an innate understanding that digital goods can be valuable.  They buy skins in games, and take time to design characters etc. 

We think it’s a pretty natural bridge that those same people would be interested in collecting NFT’s.”
Representative of Nifty

Our OG Nifties have been created by the super talented 3D artist Filip Hoodas.

The digital artworks he produces are immensely impressive on their own, but paired with OG’s brand, this is truly a project for the ages. Filip was incredibly excited to work with us and so were we – his authenticity, success, and passion matches what we have built in the esports world 

We are thrilled to see what this collaboration will bring, see you on the 23rd of January to discover the OG Nifties!