Get involved, OGs !🌻

Today we’re launching our first OG poll on the plaftorm, on which you get to be more than a fan. Get yourself the app here :
Android :
iOS :

If you don’t know what Socios is, it is a platform that allows you guys to give us YOUR opinion directly through polls where we’ll ask you to help us make decisions. In order to take part, you’ll need to either acquire Fan Tokens by buying them directly through the Socios app, or hunt them.

Anyhoo, the first thing we will need your help with is pretty simple :
As you OGs can see, we have four PHENOMENAL LOOKING new banner designs, and we just can’t quite figure it out… Give us a hand, will ya ?

We have the classy TI champs one, the sweetest juicy monkey business emblem, the shiny glowy flower power one, as well as the battle hungered banner of a lifetime… How can one possibly choose ?
We need your wisely trained eyes on this one guys. Let us know which one’s your favourite !

We couldn’t be happier to officially start this collaboration with by launching our first poll, involving our blooming community as much as we can has always been an essential matter here at OG.
We wouldn’t be where we’re at without your support.

Here are a few words from head Sunflower himself as well :
“We are proud to be the first esports partner of Socios and shaping the future of entertainment, alongside big sports names such as Juventus, West Ham United, and Paris Saint-Germain.”

Get yourself the Socios app and start getting involved in the collective decision making here, we need you guys :
Android :
iOS :

Cheers ! #DreamOG🌻

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