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Julien Ducros




InGame Role:

Valorant Team Manager

Before his time as a premier Overwatch League coach, daemoN was a semi-professional League of Legends player. From competing in tournaments, he adapted the experience he has gained from playing the game at a high level and crafted it into a passion for esports.

The experience of diving into a game at a reasonably high level, drafting strategies and working within a structure would prove vital moving forward in his career.

After 3 years as a succesful Overwatch coach among various squads, he moved his abilities to Valorant and joined OG as head coach back in 2020. After a rough year of trial and error, in 2022 OG is back into the scene and built a brand new squad under Julien’s supervision.

His expertise and knowledge will be the perfect tool to lead them through this new chapter of our journey.

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