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Allen Cook

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United Kingdom


Dota 2

InGame Role:

Dota 2 Manager

Allen first started out in Dota 2 as an analyst for Escape Gaming during TI6 qualifiers and lists helping syndereN qualify to TI as one of his greatest achievements. 

After this first experience, he joined Ad Finem (then Mousesports) as their team analyst, including qualification to the memorable Boston Major where Ad Finem finished 2nd to non other than OG in a memorable grand final. 

Since 2018, he has managed/worked as an analyst for various teams including Alliance, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Vega Squadron and OG Seed. 

In 2020 Allen decided there is no other home for him within esports, and returned to work for OG within our Partnerships team. He spent one year before moving onto his current role of General Manager for the Dota 2 division.