Omar Dabachach

Player Age:





OG Seed

InGame Role:

Hard Carry

Can you be as talented as you’re kind hearted ? Well, just look at Madara.
On top of playing one of the scariest Luna of the Dota 2 scene, Omar “Madara” Dabachach is also an extremely wholesome member of our OG Seed roster. 

Do not fear, Madara has no intention to create a second Mugen Tsukuyomi, though we can’t really promise he won’t leave a few victims behind.
Carrying both our team and hearts on this one. 

We remember too well the time we met Madara at the Boston major in 2016.
He has always been a very active member of the EU Dota tier 2 scene, grinding year after year. He’s now more than ready to show his experience and compete at the highest level.

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