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JMR Luna

JMR Luna


United States Spain


InGame Role:


JMR’s unique entertainment background and esports experience carved him into the perfect Sunflower Big Boss we could possibly have found.

Film producer for Netflix, MGM and others, member of the Producer Guild in America, former Head of Content at Evil Geniuses, former Vice President of Content and Production at Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), JMR built himself a solid skill set allowing him to think outside the box in pretty much any situation.

Joining the pillars of OG is a complex challenge that requires many qualities and strong values, and JMR checks all the boxes.
He’s kind, dedicated and proved himself as the perfect knight to protect our fort. (Oh yea he’s kind of a nerd too, but who wouldn’t love that?)

JMR came in and drastically helped us improve our work environment in not more than a few weeks. We’re delighted to have him as a member of the OG family and couldn’t imagine the future of the company without him to guide us.

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