Rasmus Blomdin

Player Age:





OG Seed

InGame Role:


He who was called a “HoN God” has now entered the OG Seed gang.
Proving himself both in HoN and Dota for the past years, Chessie won’t let his mid opponent blink. Fast hands fast mind, his 1v1 skills speak for themselves. 

He loves being in control and dictates the pace of the game while making it look completely effortless.

Don’t get mistaken, anyone obstructing his path will quickly get Quas Wex Exorted out the way. 

Chessies esports carrier had ups and downs. He played alongside his brother and also stood in for some Dota 2 teams when they needed him, but never really got a good enough chance to show he can also be a Dota god on top of a HoN one. 

The wait is over, he’s now more than willing to carry us and grow wearing our colors.

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