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Ammar The F

Ammar Al-Assaf

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Describing Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf as confident would be an understatement. Despite his young age and short experience, he has stepped into the spotlight with determination to prove that he belongs at the highest level.

Affirming himself as a solid offlaner thanks to strong signature picks such as his iconic Timbersaw and Mars, Ammar has shaken the Dota scene with his boldness and intelligence (probably thanks to the Mantles) from the start. Sprinkle the mix with his mischievous energy and you get the perfect successor to Ceb and his unique position 3 style. 

We will without a doubt see Ammar evolve into one of the most dominant players of Dota 2 as time goes on, and we are delighted to be the home he chose to develop in this season.

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